Learn chinese in china! Create your bright future!

learn chinese in china!

I’ve checked the effectiveness of this thesis personally, and I can say with 100% certainty that learning of the Chinese language while here in China itself is the most quality way to achieve results. This is the shortest and most accurate way: you not only learn the language naturally, but you get to live an interesting and exciting portion of your life on the other side of the world. China, with its ancient culture, traditions, mentality, and philosophy, will leave you with the bright and valuable memories for life. I have many friends who have studied with me, and though many years have passed since then, each of them (including myself) is connected with China forever.

Studying in China is a significant step to bringing you knowledge, emotions, friends, and a very intriguing lifestyle. I stick by my every statement because all of this has happened to me personally. Taking all of this into consideration, my team has decided to launch our very own service help you to learn Chinese and to get a higher education in the best universities available in China.

Aleksandr Serheienko
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The most beautiful city located on a peninsula on the southeast coast of Fujian province (Fujian). It is washed by the South China Sea and has a constant hot, humid ‘monsoon’ subtropical climate. Because of its very beautiful nature, Xiamen is sometimes called the “Sadomnamore” (haishanghuayuan). You will constantly see palm trees, the sea, various beautiful flowers, and the bright, shining sun. The city is very green, with lots of park and pedestrian areas for walking. It is practically a resort city where life is slow and comfortable. Xiamen is a very clean and quiet city. For example, motorcycles are prohibited in urban areas due to pollution and noise. Additionally, in many places it is forbidden to honk. The population of the city is “only” 3.67 million people. People here are very friendly and welcoming. There aren’t many places in the world where you can find such talkative taxi drivers (who, by the way, will become a large part of your first steps in learning Chinese). Xiamen is a very peaceful city; the atmosphere in general is very tranquil. The Nanputuo Buddhist Temple, which is located right next to the university and the “Island of Music,” Gulangyu, opposite the Lundu harbor, are great areas for philosophical thinking. There is no need to try to tell about these places as they need to be visited and heartfelt in a real experience. In addition to the philosophical dimension and tranquility, Xiamen is also a modern city, which is growing every year and offering new services to its residents every day. You will find everything you need for a comfortable life here. A large number of cafes, restaurants, nightclubs, shopping opportunities, and entertainment complexes will not leave you bored. For sports fans, there are plenty of opportunities in Xiamen too! There is a huge amount of football and basketball courts, tennis courts, and stadiums. Everywhere are designated "special areas" with horizontal bars for push-ups and pull-ups on the go. Fitness lovers are offered a wide variety of gyms. For those who love extreme sports, there is also the sea itself, in which you can practice kite-surfing. Xiamen is famous for having "good" wind, so a large number of people from different cities and even different countries visit, especially for kite-surfing. Also, you can get to the sea along the beautiful embankment, known as the ring road “HuanDaoLu.” In Nei, you can rent a bike and ride across the embankment, thereby warming up well before taking a kite adventure. For a beneficial long-term investment, it is better to buy a bicycle—in Xiamen, it is an incredibly appropriate means of transportation. You need only 100 yuan ($15-20) to buy the simplest option. Summarizing all these amazing qualities, we can say that Xiamen is a city for living life! It is beautiful, quiet, calm, peaceful, romantic, philosophical, and with all the possibilities for career growth and development.

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Unique Asian culture

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Opportunity to find an odd job   

Low cost for educational programs

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Guys, we always try to show to our future students how to not spend too much money, so I want to write a few important points to show you that by ordering our service, you will actually save a lot:
To begin with, two clear reasons in numbers:
We fly to China in a group, which means that if you want, you can cooperate with other students and share the cost of housing by 2-3 times over. For example, if you rent an apartment for $500 and live with one of your classmates, you will save $ 250 / month, which is $ 3,000 / year.
Again, due to the fact that we are flying in a group and we have good, well-established connections with the universities, we can get a discount on the curriculum. We do not plan to keep the benefits of this discount for ourselves! We will give it to YOU, and this is another significant bonus. 
Further, there are two reasons indirectly related to finances, but are also very valuable:
You will immediately, from the first days of the trip, get to know your future classmates. This is a very important opportunity to bond that will greatly help you in your studies and life abroad. Good connections mean a lot!
You can take advantage of our experiences and get advice on any issues related to business and international trade with China. On our way, we’ve lost and earned more than a dozen thousand dollars. You can avoid repeating our mistakes and learn from the experience of all our past actions on this journey.
 One of our big goals is to create a powerful International-Chinese business community, so we can implement joint projects and development. In general, we will try to open you up to a huge number of new features, so sign up for the program and let's grow together!  
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5 years in china
I know what I am talking about because I used to live and work in China for 5 amazing years. You may check a little bit more about my life in China in Instagram : @dorogavkitai
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